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May 5 to June 4, 2003 (49th month)

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Tuesday, June 3, 2003
Maeve went to the zoo on a field trip with her preschool today. She even rode a camel all by herself.

She also fell down and scraped her knee. She made enough of a fuss that they took her to the first aid station. Somehow they were able to convince Maeve that she should have a bandaid, and Maeve let them put it on. Jill and I have never been able to get her to do that.

Maeve has started using the word "apparently". She said, "Apparently, there is a hospital at the zoo."

Hilde was going on the slide at the preschool when they went to pick up Maeve. Hilde runs right up the stairs and goes down all by herself. If you don't keep an eye on her, she will be on her way down before you know it.

Monday, May 26, 2003
Hilde came into the living room missing most of the curls at the back of her head.  Jill and I looked into it and found a lot of hair in Maeve's playroom trash can.  One curl wasn't cut, but the rest were pretty evenly done.  Maeve's story was that Hilde cut her own hair at the back of her head, got it even, and put the hair in the trash can.  Hilde pointed to Maeve when we asked who cut her hair.  Maeve got to go to bed right away for lying, and lost her scissors until after Hilde's birthday.

Jill cut off the one curl that Maeve didn't do.  She says Hilde looks like a boy.  I said that it will grow back by the time that Hilde is Maeve's age.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003
Maeve has problems pronouncing Rs, and I tell her that she needs to get some Rs.  She had some pony tail holders, and she was calling them, "hair plastics". Jill told her that they are called "hair elastics". Maeve said, "That's what I'm saying, but I don't have any Rs."

Sunday, May 18, 2003
I borrowed the cat trap again and caught the neighborhood stray cat last Wednesday.  I left the trap out in case there were any other stray cats roaming around, and yesterday I found a skunk in the trap.  Following instructions that I found on the internet, I successfully let it out of the trap this morning, without any problems.  The animal shelter staff were just as helpful this time as with the first cat.  They said they would release it from the trap if I brought the skunk and the trap to them.

Jill and I took care of the infant nursery during church.  Maeve and Hilde loved playing with the babies.  They were very careful and didn't hit anyone in the head with any toys.

Tonight when I was parking the van, I saw another cat up the street.  I went to look, and it was another black and white stray cat.  I know for sure this time that it was not the cat that we caught last Wednesday.  So we had at least two black and white stray cats.  It's possible that the cat I caught in March didn't really return a few days later, and that it was a third cat.  I told Jeanne and she asked how many black and white stray cats there could be in Woonsocket.

Thursday, May 15, 2003
Maeve was typing on the computer again today. The "show/hide" feature was showing a dot on the screen in place of spaces. Maeve said that the dot did not belong there. Jill said the dots are only on the screen, but they aren't on the print outs. Maeve said, "I took a class all about dots - all different kinds of dots. You have glasses, so you don't see very well, but I see better, so I can see the dots. The teacher says the dots will print."

Tuesday, May 13, 2003
For a long time we have been requiring that Maeve say, "Please". She will ask for something or tell me to do something, and I will just look at her. She figures out what she forgot and says, "Please".

Lately she has been saying "me" instead of "I", like "Me want to read a book." She had this all figured out and always used "me" and "I" correctly, so I don't know where this problem is coming from. She asked me for something tonight using "me" instead of "I". I asked Maeve what she needed to say to get it. She said, "Bitte.", paused, noticed the surprised look on my face and said, "That's German."

Saturday, May 10, 2003
Today Hilde and I went to get her a big girl bed because Jill said she keeps turning sideways at night and hitting her head in her crib. We told Hilde we were going to get it, and she would shake her head. We would say that she could sleep in it any time that she wants to, and she shakes her head. It might be a while before she wants to sleep on it instead of her crib.

Hilde is still nursing at bedtime, and there was an armchair in Hilde's room for that. We moved the armchair to the living room to make room for the bed. When it was bedtime, Hilde ran right to the chair in the living room. We reminded her that she was going to nurse on the bed from now on.

Thursday, May 8, 2003
Maeve made Jill a Mother's Day card at preschool today.  When she gave it to Jill, she said that Jill was supposed to cry.  Jill had to explain happy tears.

Wednesday, May 7, 2003
Maeve and Hilde like to pretend to style Jill's hair.  They try with me, too, but I don't give them much to work with.  Maeve and Hilde use combs, brushes, hand mirrors, and toy blow dryer.  Sometimes they even use Maeve's plastic scissors, that has a hard time even cutting paper.  Today, Maeve used her scissors with the metal blades instead.  Jill didn't lose too much hair, but it was a good opportunity to explain to Maeve that she isn't supposed to really cut anyone's hair.

Monday, May 5, 2003
Hilde needed her diaper changed, and Jill asked who she wanted to change her.  She said me, but I was laying on the couch.  Hilde got off Jill's lap, walked over to me, and tried to push me up.  She isn't quite strong enough to lift me yet.

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